Drug and Alcohol Interventions

Helping families break the cycle of addiction with help from the professionals at Suntra Modern Recovery

What is a Drug and Alcohol Intervention?

An intervention is a process that involves interceding in the life or behavior of a person suffering from addiction in the hopes of helping that person find needed treatment.
Conducting an intervention is a delicate process that requires professional expertise to ensure that the correct steps are taken and to avoid unnecessary emotional damage for the individual and the family.
A Suntra Modern Recovery intervention involves the following:
  • Professional Interventionists

    Our professional interventionists are trained in the loving, inclusive, and non-confrontational ARISE model.
  • Evidence-Based Approach

    We offer a structured evidence-based process for managing each intervention that is then tailored to the needs of the client, with a focus on early intervention.
  • Innovative Hybrid Model

    We use an innovative hybrid model that combines Zoom televisits and in-person care to provide more access to intervention services.
  • Concierge-Level Service

    We offer a concierge-level service that matches our expertise to your specific situation, delivering outstanding care.

How Can I Get Started?

We offer a range of intervention services to help families that are dealing with a loved one battling addiction.
Suntra Modern Recovery | Free Drug and Alcohol Intervention Guide

Step 1: Sign Up For Our Free Video Guide

Our FREE video guide provides a detailed introduction to drug and alcohol interventions.
Learn how families and friends can use the intervention process to help loved ones with substance use disorders begin the road to recovery.
Suntra Modern Recovery | Free Family Support Groups

Step 2: Attend A Free Family Support Group

Our Family Support Meetings are for family and friends who need support and assistance with helping a loved one battling addiction.
Our meetings are led by an experienced member of the Suntra Modern Recovery team who will moderate the meeting and provide access to our written and online educational materials.
Suntra Modern Recovery | Comprehensive Intervention Service

Step 3: Book A Complimentary Consultation

Our Comprehensive Intervention service offers a full-team support package for families that need help with navigating an addiction challenge.
Our Comprehensive Intervention service can be accessed on an hourly basis, as a guided mini-course, or as an ongoing engagement.

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