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Suntra Modern Recovery: Concierge Coaching Programs For Recovery

Recovery coaching is the catalyst for your recovery. Our counselors will develop an intensive program customized to your needs and will guide you through the challenging but highly rewarding process of recovery. We are committed to providing outstanding clinical care, backed by the latest science, and an amazing client experience driven by ethical principles.

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What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching, just like any other kind of coaching, involves engaging a professional to help you achieve a goal. In many aspects of our lives, we're accustomed to hiring other types of coaches. In recovery coaching you work with your coach to build a structured program. Together, you’ll set goals to achieve and your coach will hold you accountable.

At Suntra we salute anyone that has chosen to recover from drugs or alcohol. We know that the road into and out of addiction is complicated and not a linear journey.

Choosing recovery is a difficult and we are here to guide you. Recovery coaching is helpful as:
  • An alternative to inpatient residential treatment
  • A way to get back on track after relapse
  • A structured after care plan after residential treatment
  • An additional way to strengthen mutual-aid self-help groups
Recovery coaching focuses on these principles:
  • Future-Focused: Navigate the present, and set goals for the future
  • Professional Guidance: Follow proven plans with our 30- and 90-day programs
  • Accountability: Reinforce accountability through meetings, phone calls, and homework
  • Build on 12 Steps: Strengthen other programs with which you may be involved
  • Real-Life: Learn how to stay sober in the actual environments where you live and work
Recovery coaching will help you achieve your goals. You have the power to live a better life, let us guide you there. Together we will develop a plan that greatly increases your chances of succeeding.
Pricing And Payment Information
Suntra Modern Recovery is a private-pay service and we do not accept insurance. Our clients appreciate the confidentiality that private-pay ensures and the ability to work with us directly without worrying about decisions made by third-party insurers.

Total out-of-pocket cost depends on the level of service provided, and we offer a number of different levels of service that can be customized to the needs of each individual.
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Our team will develop a customized treatment program that can help a patient reach his or her goals.

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Since treatment is virtual a patient can start begin the road to recovery today anytime, anywhere.

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When Are You Ready To Start?

When are you ready to enter recovery? The biggest myth in recovery is that you have to hit rock bottom. You can stop drinking or using substances at any time. There is no need to wait any longer, or for things to go wrong. You can choose to stop while you’re ahead.

Coaching And Successful Recovery

Successful recovery takes time and requires a program. Everyone has the power in themselves to accomplish amazing goals. We have gone to school, started careers, and started families. Everyone has the ability to set a goal and achieve it. The same is true with drinking or substance use. We can set a goal of recovery and work a specific program to achieve that goal.

What To Expect

Setting goals is an important part of recovery, it will take time and your practice needs to be structured. When we hire a personal trainer we know that getting physical results for our bodies will take time. Recovery is very similar in that it will take time and dedication to make lasting changes. Making those changes is a goal you can achieve.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

This team was great. We needed an intervention for a family member and they’re service was really impactful at a crucial time. Personable and detailed and with the right amount of tough love to get our loved one the care they need. Intervention was successful for our loved one.
Tony V.
Adam Banks at Suntra was very helpful in my family member achieving recovery. He started with a long conversation about options and helped to make a plan. We had to do an intervention, he was with us the entire time. We had a million questions and he was patient with everyone. He should have been a school teacher. Very outstanding gentleman.
Jamie G.
I have worked professionally with the team at Suntra. They have treated all of my clients with the utmost respect and dignity. There is no stigma around addiction with Suntra - they dive right in and figure out what's going on - and they help out. I have seen their interventions first hand - they approach addiction with love and understanding.
Elwood D.

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