Detachment: Intervention to Support Recovery

While many families struggle to understand the wisdom of detachment, in an intervention, we take a two-pronged approach, helping the family and helping their sick loved one.  Family recovery can begin immediately and is always assured.

Near Sighted

When a drug or alcohol addiction takes hold of someone’s life, the person that has been using becomes very near sighted. They can only see a few hours ahead and are not thinking about the distant future.

Packing for In-Patient Rehab

tend treatment, final process of getting to treatment can be difficult. Packing to attend inpatient rehab can make many people emotional, its the final step before a whole new life will start.

G-Ing Out

s usually consumed as a liquid. Because it has no smell and little taste, anyone can easily conceal it in a bottle of water or an alcoholic drink. G is rarely used as a stand-alone drug and is often consumed with a mix of other drugs. Currently, most users use G alongside crystal meth to enhance sex.

The Story of Suntra

Runway 04 at Newark Airport, I took a moment to appreciate my view of the New York skyline. I remember taking in the beauty of southern Manhattan, anchored with the Twin Towers.

Crystal Meth Interventions in the Gay Community

We have watch as gay men have been becoming increasingly sick and developing more severe mental health problems and we struggled to figure out why. We must host an intervention immediately on people using this drug.

How Does Drinking Affect Your Life?

alcohol interventions

At this point, I’m comfortable with defining myself as a former alcoholic because I know that that is just one part of who I am. I have introduced myself as such on numerous occasions; it is a commonality that I share with the other members of my support group. But I also identify with many other titles, such as father, son, pilot, recovery professional, and business partner.

Final Letter

Final Letter for an Alcohol Intervention

Sometimes an intervention goes all they way to the last step. Offering a choice between recovery and family life.

LGBTQ+ Interventions

Gay drug Interventions

Conducting successful interventions with LGBTQ+ individuals requires personal experience with the community. While the interventionist doesn’t need to be gay, they must be empathetic to the sensitive issues surrounding our identities. 

The Week Before Treatment – After the Intervention

After a successful intervention, it is common for the identified loved one to delay the check-in process for a few days. Although work and family commitments are often cited, some people use seemingly trivial reasons, such as upcoming holidays and events, as a means of avoidance.