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Will an Intervention Work

When families call into Suntra, they often ask about the success rate of our intervention services. But many people have a misconstrued understanding of what an intervention is. In the media, it is portrayed as a volatile, one-off event wherein an individual is ambushed by their loved ones and pressured into recovery. However, at Suntra, we no longer perform confrontational interventions because we have seen how damaging they can be. We have recognized that they are opportunities for individuals and their families to move forward together and control addiction in a healthy way. Before we agree to an intervention, we conduct a thorough background assessment on the individual through a series of phone and/or video calls with members of their inner circle. Our intervention process is a positive experience that allows individuals to recover through a structured program and achieve the changes they hoped for. It doesn’t happen overnight, but through a series of interactions with loved ones, professionals, and coaches. But let’s break this down a bit more. What exactly is an intervention? A process that takes time. Normally, it takes 2-3 weeks to get the individual to engage in a recovery program – and that’s only the beginning. The destination is miles away.… Read More »Will an Intervention Work

Why I Still Goto AA

I am 13 years sober. But when I talk to people starting their recovery journey, they’re often surprised that I still attend 12-step meetings. “See! If you still HAVE to go to meetings, it doesn’t work!” they insist. To which I respond, “I CHOOSE to attend meetings because it works.” 12-step meetings 12-step meetings are not filled with people being forced to attend by some invisible hand. Those people choose to show up because the meetings have become an integral part of their recovery. My alcohol addiction is categorized as being in “sustained remission”, which means that it has been stabilized. However, I know if I wanted to start drinking today, I could. I am free to make that choice and occasionally, it has crossed my mind. But since it’s a lifelong illness, I must consistently make a conscious effort to control my impulses and remind myself that I am in full control of my decisions. I have created a great life for myself and risking it by returning to use is no longer worth it to me. Because of this responsibility, I navigate life with increasing discipline and self-awareness. Attending 12-step meetings is one of the ways in which… Read More »Why I Still Goto AA

Rock Bottom – 8 Years into Recovery

e external things that defined me had disappeared into thin air.
Feeling insignificant, invisible, and disposable, I began to sink into a deep depression. With no friends, no passion, no sense of purpose, I no longer had a reason to get out of bed. No reason to live.

Detachment: Intervention to Support Recovery

Detachment, Intervention to Support Recovery

Families who request intervention services know that their loved one’s addiction is affecting them, often profoundly. But they don’t yet understand how their own behavior is adding to their pain.

Near Sighted

Drug Intervention NYC | Host an interventionPreparing for an Drug Intervention NYC | Host an intervention for addiction

When a drug or alcohol addiction takes hold of someone’s life, the person that has been using becomes very near sighted. They can only see a few hours ahead and are not thinking about the distant future.

Packing for In-Patient Rehab

Packing for InPatient Rehab | After the Intervention | What to Bring

tend treatment, final process of getting to treatment can be difficult. Packing to attend inpatient rehab can make many people emotional, its the final step before a whole new life will start.

G-Ing Out

G-ing Out - GHB intervention | A Dangerous Pattern | Risks of G Addiction

s usually consumed as a liquid. Because it has no smell and little taste, anyone can easily conceal it in a bottle of water or an alcoholic drink. G is rarely used as a stand-alone drug and is often consumed with a mix of other drugs. Currently, most users use G alongside crystal meth to enhance sex.

The Story of Suntra

Suntra Modern Recovery | The Story of Suntra | Adam Banks Intervention

Runway 04 at Newark Airport, I took a moment to appreciate my view of the New York skyline. I remember taking in the beauty of southern Manhattan, anchored with the Twin Towers.

Crystal Meth Interventions in the Gay Community

Crystal Meth Interventions in the Gay Community | Addiction in LGTB

We have watch as gay men have been becoming increasingly sick and developing more severe mental health problems and we struggled to figure out why. We must host an intervention immediately on people using this drug.

How Does Drinking Affect Your Life?

alcohol interventions

At this point, I’m comfortable with defining myself as a former alcoholic because I know that that is just one part of who I am. I have introduced myself as such on numerous occasions; it is a commonality that I share with the other members of my support group. But I also identify with many other titles, such as father, son, pilot, recovery professional, and business partner.