I earned my first pilot’s license at 16 and I was hired to fly for an airline the week that I graduated college. From that moment on, my career path was carefully laid out before me and all I needed to do was follow it to the end. But then I didn’t. I abandoned the path.

Family Recovery Agreement

A recovery agreement is a positive document, encouraging long-term recovery, and outline a path to family reunification.  Prior to treatment boundaries were crossed and ultimatums yelled.  The recovery agreement reestablishes boundaries and encourages more treatment and helps to rebuild trust.

Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny

Trudge Road Happy Destiny

I draw a parallel between using drugs and a ride in an amusement park. Just like a roller coaster, drugs have an exhilarating aspect, but we don’t go to the amusement park every day. We enjoy the ride and move on to the next thing; our experience becomes a memory – not a way of life.

Adam Banks – My Story

Adam Banks - My Story

It took me a full two years to finally “get” lasting sobriety.  I have used my sobriety as a launch pad for my life.  
After I got sober, I was able to really focus on the company that I had started.  I gave a physician friend just enough money to start his own medical practice.  

Reaching Out, The First Call for Help

Reaching Out First Call

The first call sets the ball in motion for a suffering person to move towards the path of recovery. From the outside looking in, a phone call may seem small, but that person may have been thinking about dialing my number for weeks, years even.

A Journey of 1000 Steps

Journey of 1000 Steps

Continuing to use is a direct path to problems while a life in recovery is full of new opportunities. Things that I couldn’t imagine doing when I was using are now my reality.

Milestones of Recovery

Milestones of Recovery

There is no overnight success for people in recovery. People need to stay engaged and actively working to overcome their addictions.

Comprehensive Care: Why 6 Months?

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care, the POC goes into treatment with love. We continue to meet as a family while they are in treatment. The family is also prepared to support their journey of recovery after treatment.

Understanding Addiction Using Cravings for Food

Understanding Addiction

We have all had cravings for food, cravings pop up out of no where and can be so strong that we ‘just must’ act on them. How many slices of pizza, General Tso’s Chicken, and late night Ben and Jerry’s binges have you had that were born of a craving for them?