How To Find Free Therapy No Matter Where You Are

There is a misunderstanding around the 12 Steps that they’re only for people who want to stop drinking or using drugs. The reality is that 12-Step programs are not built around alcohol or substance abuse. Rather, 12-Step programs work by building a community around any particular condition.

I had to change my views about recovery (after 10 years of sobriety).

Continuous sobriety and recovery are not the same thing. For many people and for 12 Step programs sobriety is the only definition of recovery. Sobriety might be a goal of recovery, but the transition from full blown addiction to sobriety, cold turkey, is very difficult. Recovery is the path to getting sober.

Alcohol and Drug Interventions on Long Island, New York – Hamptons and Fire Island

When a friend or loved one suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol needs help, often the situation is everyone wants to help – but no one knows exactly how to help.  Interventions work in two directions, a plan for safe recovery for the person suffering, and a plan to initiate and support that recovery for friends and family. Developing a plan of recovery is the most important part of a successful intervention and this process can take several days before an intervention takes place.  There are many factors that must be considered when choosing a rehabilitation program, including what is covered by insurance and what facility or program is right for the particular individual.   Successful interventions for people living on Long Island have some significant barriers to entering treatment programs.  While Long Island is heavily populated, there are relatively few in-patient treatment centers. It is likely that the right facility that accepts insurance will not be on Long Island.   Further complicating an intervention is the travel and work pattern of the individual.  It is common that someone works in New York City – where there are a lot of recovery resources such as out-patient treatments and hospitals.  There are… Read More »Alcohol and Drug Interventions on Long Island, New York – Hamptons and Fire Island