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Recovery Coach – Four Reasons to Use One

lcohol. I like to think of coaching as a way to bring recovery into “real life.” Treatment centers and therapy can also be very useful, but recovery coaching is unique in that it focuses on on-the-ground problem solving for the day-to-day.

Close to Relapse: “As Prescribed by a Doctor”

My injuries were so severe that my doctor put me on an opiate painkiller, which I didn’t know much about at the time. Nor did the general population: it was just before the opiate crisis became a national news story.

Rehab and Home Detox

Rehab and Home Detox

At Suntra we focus on working with individuals that can’t easily find addiction treatment though the traditional channel of attending a 30 day in-patient treatment program.

My Journey Quitting Juul: Relapse, Recovery, and Maintenance (Part 3)

My Journey Quitting Juul

I have to think about my addiction almost daily and remember why I want to quit. If I don’t consciously think about recovery, it would be easy to pick up a JUUL Again. Just like I did when I recovered from alcohol, I keep counting days. I badly want to be free of this addiction.

6 Common Misconceptions About Alcoholics Anonymous

suboxone treatment

AA has a guiding principle, that of anonymity. This principle allows anyone to pop into a meeting, check it out and remain anonymous. No one needs to know that you went, and no one needs to know about your journey.

My Views About Recovery Changed After 10 years of sobriety

Continuous sobriety and recovery are not the same thing. For many people and for 12 Step programs sobriety is the only definition of recovery. Sobriety might be a goal of recovery, but the transition from full blown addiction to sobriety, cold turkey, is very difficult. Recovery is the path to getting sober.