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A Journey of 1000 Steps

Journey of 1000 Steps

Continuing to use is a direct path to problems while a life in recovery is full of new opportunities. Things that I couldn’t imagine doing when I was using are now my reality.

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

In recovery, the butterfly effect starts with a simple phone call. The first call is the start of a process, the first flap of the butterfly’s wings.

How Long Does It Take to Change a Habit?

How Long

To really change a behavior, you need to make a commitment and take action every single day. No one gets sober in a day, but you can commit to making a beginning any day you want.

Social Isolation – Are We Drinking More?

Social Isolation

Our present crisis is both a health crisis and an economic crisis. People struggling with substance use are particularly vulnerable to increased drinking (or drug use) during this time, and as a recovery coach I’m already beginning to see it in my work. I can’t say for sure if more people are having trouble, but I do know that isolating at home can be a person in recovery’s worst enemy.