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The Week Before Treatment – After the Intervention

After a successful intervention, it is common for the identified loved one to delay the check-in process for a few days. Although work and family commitments are often cited, some people use seemingly trivial reasons, such as upcoming holidays and events, as a means of avoidance.

Milestones of Recovery

Milestones of Recovery

There is no overnight success for people in recovery. People need to stay engaged and actively working to overcome their addictions.

Comprehensive Care: Why 6 Months?

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care, the POC goes into treatment with love. We continue to meet as a family while they are in treatment. The family is also prepared to support their journey of recovery after treatment.

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

In recovery, the butterfly effect starts with a simple phone call. The first call is the start of a process, the first flap of the butterfly’s wings.

The Addict, Family System and Roles We Play

The Addict and Family Roles

The addict is the major focus of the family. So family members spend much of their time and energy dealing with the addict unconsciously. This includes helping, enabling, or covering up their behavior to preserve the norm.

I Never Liked Cooking But It Was Important

Never Liked Cooking

I don’t like to do a lot of things in my adult life, and yet every day I do them.  From courses in college I hated, to going to the grocery store and unloading the dishwasher, adulthood is filled with tasks that range from mundane to miserable. Everyday I do things that I don’t like or want to do and I still get them  done and the same goes for attending 12-step meetings.  I have to do it. Still, people entering into recovery have a lot to say about why they don’t like 12-step meetings, why they don’t want to go, and why it won’t work for them.