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Milestones of Recovery

Milestones of Recovery

There is no overnight success for people in recovery. People need to stay engaged and actively working to overcome their addictions.

Addiction is a Response to Trauma – My Halloween Story

Addiction is a Response to Trauma

I don’t know how a trauma in my family a few generations back might show up in my life, that is until I recently passed up buying a pumpkin. I stood in front of a beautiful pumpkin at a farm stand. It was marked half price and I stood in front of it, frozen, unable to decide if I wanted to buy it. I walked away from that pumpkin feeling sick to my stomach.

Family Interventions and Changing the Manager

Family Interventions

The process of intervention is an opportunity for the family to come together and manage the addiction in a proactive way.  For years, families respond to the chaos of addiction. Intervention is the opportunity for a family to look at that pattern and determine how they will handle future situations.  

Reestablishing Boundaries After Addiction Has Distorted the Norms

Re-establishing Boundaries After Addiction

Families know in their guts that something isn’t right. When they address the concerned person, a process of gaslighting, or turning the warranted concern around on the person that voiced it.  As a result, loved ones start to question their premonition and offer the person the benefit of the doubt all the while, the addiction is unknowingly in control of everyone affected.

How Long Does It Take to Change a Habit?

How Long

To really change a behavior, you need to make a commitment and take action every single day. No one gets sober in a day, but you can commit to making a beginning any day you want.

Case Study: The Pilot (Claire)

Case Study The Pilot

Through a 90 day coaching program, Claire set specific goals to reduce his drinking – and ultimately, she actually chose to become sober. By taking action, Claire was able to get her drinking under control and avoid any damage to his career at the airline and avoid a reportable health condition to the FAA.