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Case Study: Stay-at-Home Mom (Kelly)

It wasn’t until the COVID-19 crisis that her life totally fell apart. Overnight, she had to start homeschooling, her daily activities were totally disrupted, and the stress of having three kids (and her husband!) in the house all day long drove her to drink more and more.

Interventions vs. Rehab Placement Services: What’s the Difference?

If the person that needs help is willing to engage and wants to go to treatment, the service that’s best for you will probably be Rehab Placement Services. However, if the affected person is not actively engaged and is unwilling to consider treatment, you may need Intervention Services.

Rehab and Detox At Home

At Suntra we focus on working with individuals that can’t easily find addiction treatment though the traditional channel of attending a 30 day in-patient treatment program.

Long Island Recovery and Interventions

Recovery can begin in many ways, at Suntra we are always ready to answer the phone an help out. Suntra provides addiction support and intervention services in New York City and in all cities of Long Island and the Hamptons.

LGBT Recovery Resources

At Suntra we work with many LGBT identified individuals. We come from a place of acceptance and understanding. We know what it was like to be young, defining who you are, and to grow older in the LGBT community. We understand that sexuality is not always clearly defined, and that addiction and drug use is not easily defined either.

6 Common Misconceptions About Alcoholics Anonymous

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AA has a guiding principle, that of anonymity. This principle allows anyone to pop into a meeting, check it out and remain anonymous. No one needs to know that you went, and no one needs to know about your journey.

Alcohol and Drug Interventions on Long Island, New York – Hamptons and Fire Island

When a friend or loved one suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol needs help, often the situation is everyone wants to help – but no one knows exactly how to help.  Interventions work in two directions, a plan for safe recovery for the person suffering, and a plan to initiate and support that recovery for friends and family. Developing a plan of recovery is the most important part of a successful intervention and this process can take several days before an intervention takes place.  There are many factors that must be considered when choosing a rehabilitation program, including what is covered by insurance and what facility or program is right for the particular individual.   Successful interventions for people living on Long Island have some significant barriers to entering treatment programs.  While Long Island is heavily populated, there are relatively few in-patient treatment centers. It is likely that the right facility that accepts insurance will not be on Long Island.   Further complicating an intervention is the travel and work pattern of the individual.  It is common that someone works in New York City – where there are a lot of recovery resources such as out-patient treatments and hospitals.  There are… Read More »Alcohol and Drug Interventions on Long Island, New York – Hamptons and Fire Island