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Recovery programs for addiction

Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny

Trudge Road Happy Destiny

I draw a parallel between using drugs and a ride in an amusement park. Just like a roller coaster, drugs have an exhilarating aspect, but we don’t go to the amusement park every day. We enjoy the ride and move on to the next thing; our experience becomes a memory – not a way of life.

Taking Thirty Days Off For Treatment

Taking Thirty Days Off

A thirty-day treatment program may seem expensive. It may seem like too large a time commitment. But if you actually evaluate what you can gain, the investment of time and money will seem well worth it.

Long Term Recovery Programs for Addiction – 8 Essential Elements

Recovery Programs For Addiction

here are two very successful programs with proven results for long-term recovery. They are; the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) for pilots and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for physicians.  Both programs boast an above an 80% success rate at long-term recovery. Other general programs without a similar foundation have a success rate of less than 20%.

Reestablishing Boundaries After Addiction Has Distorted the Norms

Re-establishing Boundaries After Addiction

Families know in their guts that something isn’t right. When they address the concerned person, a process of gaslighting, or turning the warranted concern around on the person that voiced it.  As a result, loved ones start to question their premonition and offer the person the benefit of the doubt all the while, the addiction is unknowingly in control of everyone affected.

Is Recovery Worth The Investment?

Recovery Worth The Investment

When putting a dollar value on recovery, consider how much money you would pay to change everything in your life. How much would you pay to keep your children? How much would you pay to keep your job? How much would you pay on your child’s behalf to totally change their life? How much would you pay to have four more hours in a day?

Case Study: The Finance Guy (Francis)

The Finance Guy

When we first spoke with Francis, he couldn’t see his addiction – partly, I thought, because of the way his wealth insulated him. He thought he was getting away with his drug use, that though there were problems his money could usually get him out of any situation.

Words of Recovery – Stop the Fight

We can start with the fact that “powerless,” “unmanageable,” and “God” are just words! Those three words don’t make up the entire program.

My Views About Recovery Changed After 10 years of sobriety

Continuous sobriety and recovery are not the same thing. For many people and for 12 Step programs sobriety is the only definition of recovery. Sobriety might be a goal of recovery, but the transition from full blown addiction to sobriety, cold turkey, is very difficult. Recovery is the path to getting sober.