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Introducing Suntra Modern Recovery

Thumbs Up For Suntra Modern Recovery Announcement

With this blog post I’m excited to announce the “official” launch of our new venture, Suntra Modern Recovery (, a personalized recovery solution for people dealing with substance use disorders featuring expert medical doctors, home-based and virtual visits, and research-proven recovery medications. The United States is in the midst of a large and long-running drug epidemic.  About 10% of the population struggles with a substance use disorder, and of that, only 10% are receiving treatment.  The dominant model for addiction treatment, 28-day residential treatment (i.e. “going to rehab”), doesn’t work for many people.  Two-thirds of people who go to residential treatment will require more treatment in the future, and only 20% of people who are discharged from residential treatment are sober 5 years later. The 28-day residential treatment approach is also problematic due to very high costs (as much as $40,000 per treatment episode, often coming completely out of pocket), required time away from work and family, and the stigma associated with going to treatment.  People need a solution that allows them to receive care in a more convenient and discrete setting, that’s more in the context of their real lives, and allows them to maintain their work and family… Read More »Introducing Suntra Modern Recovery